Submit an online application

You will need:

  • A personal statement written in English, 500 words maximum (setting out the reasons for an exchange, choice of destination, expected benefits and any other relevant factors such as work experience, etc).
  • Curriculum Vitae - Resume.
  • A portfolio if required (see more details below).
  • Language test results (if required by the partner institution).
  • Your passport or ID.
  • An ID photograph.

Getting your portfolio ready

Some Colleges require you to submit a portfolio for review by the designated academics. The work you include should show breadth and demonstrate your creative thinking and personal research, progressing through stages to a finished piece. 

Each image should be captioned with an appropriate title/project description, date, size of work, materials used.

Portfolios are too big to be uploaded via the application form but you will be able to indicate a link where they can be viewed and downloaded (the online application contains a specific field to this effect). Please follow the instructions below:

  • CSM and LCF (School of Design and Technology and School of Media and Communication only): The portfolio should be made up of 20-25 images. You will need to use an online sharing service and indicate the link where your portfolio is (for instance click on 'Get link' if using dropbox).
  • CCW: The portfolio should make a focused selection of your work in 10-12 slides. Please use Flickr for images and Vimeo for all film clips and indicate the link on the online application.
  • LCC: no portfolio is required at this stage but you will need to submit a portfolio later on if you are nominated for the exchange (and doing a practice-based subject). Please type 'no portfolio required' in the portfolio field in the online application.  


The deadlines for the application vary according to each College and each course.

Please note that these are the deadlines to submit your UAL exchange application file online. You should start the process much earlier in order to have time to discuss with the designated academic for your course (eg. Course leader) and to get help for your application.

Don’t wait until the last moment! No late applications will be accepted.

Please check the deadline for your course: