The Application Process

1. Follow UAL and your College’s process for traineeships

The organising and monitoring of traineeships is the responsibility of the course team, school and College.

Each College has set up its own processes and deadlines for traineeships, which comply with UAL work placement policy. It is very important that you follow them thoroughly.

These will include guidance on finding a traineeship, health and safety risk assessments, employers’ liability, placement policy, insurance, work placement agreements, etc. For more information, please check:

  • With your College Work Placement office (eg. Student Careers).
  • With the contact person for your course (eg. Programme Lead Administrator at CSM).
  • In your course handbook, the detailed course specific information.

2. Complete an online Erasmus Grant Application for Traineeship

All students who want to complete an application for an Erasmus Traineeship Grant:

  • Must have sought guidance and attended briefings on placements at their College.

Once you have sought guidance, you need to complete an Erasmus Grant Application for Traineeship in order to get European funding. Please note that Erasmus funding is never guaranteed until your application has been processed and accepted.

The Application for Erasmus Traineeship contains one important document that you need to print, complete and get signed. When you complete your online application, you will be asked to upload this signed document (please keep the original of the document uploaded):

In addition, when filling in the application you will need to download, read and agree with the following Erasmus document:

Grant Agreement for Erasmus+ Traineeships. Once your application is processed, you will be asked to sign a Grant Agreement, specifying the financial conditions of the Erasmus exchange as well as the amount of the Erasmus grant you are entitled to.

3. Complete an online Erasmus Work Placement (WP) Grant Application

Upload completed and signed Learning Agreement for Erasmus Traineeships.


All Erasmus grant applications have to be completed online (with all documents required) at least 2 weeks prior to departure.

The importance of the Erasmus grant application

If you fail to submit a fully completed Erasmus grant application, including your Learning Agreement for Erasmus Traineeships, on time, your application will not be processed. There are no exceptions.

If your traineeship is not funded by an Erasmus grant you will be responsible for all financial costs involved in your placement. To avoid disappointment please note and check the following:

  • Students cannot apply for the Erasmus grant retrospectively.
  • Grant applications that have missing student details, missing information of missing signatures will not be processed.