Admissions Policy

The University of the Arts London has a key objective to provide educational opportunities for students from a wide and diverse community.

The University seeks to harness students’ personal and intellectual growth, provide access for those who would not otherwise contemplate higher education and prepare students for life beyond the University.  The University aims to attract and retain students who have the potential to succeed and benefit from the experience. 

The University of the Arts London is committed to an admissions policy that is: 

  • Consistent in application and operation; that is to say that all staff dealing with admissions must be consistent in giving detailed information about the admission process to applicants and their advisors. 
  • Transparent in its procedures and process; a commitment to providing clear, accurate, complete and accessible information on its courses, relevant entry requirements and associated admissions procedures. For example an applicant needs to know what is happening to them during the admissions process, what to expect at a Portfolio Review or Interview or the time within which they would be given a decision on their application.
  • Accountable to all stakeholders; ensure that clear, consistent and accessible information and guidance is available to all stakeholders in the admissions process e.g. applicants, parents, advisers and all University staff involved in the admissions process.
  • Managed clearly and responsively; the University Secretary and Registrar or nominee and the College Admissions Managers work together as the University Recruitment and Admissions Group meeting on a monthly basis to share and develop good practice and respond to University and national initiatives.  The University Recruitment and Admissions Group consists of a Strategic strand and a Practitioners strand This policy and associated procedures comply with relevant legislation and are designed to ensure that the University is compliant with the QAA Code of Practice. 

For more information visit our Admissions page

Admissions Complaints 

An applicant may wish to raise a concern regarding the way in which, for example, their application has been dealt with or the way in which they have been communicated with. An applicant will often raise an issue by telephone or email and the member of staff initially responding to that issue is responsible for listening to the concerns in full, taking note of all relevant information. If the applicant is not content with the response given by the member of staff, they should be asked to make a complaint or challenge. 

Admissions Complaints or Challenges should be made no more than 20 working days after the communication of the admissions decision or after the cause of the complaint arises. A formal complaint or challenge should be made in writing, either by email or letter and should be sent by the applicant to the Head of Admissions. 

Concerns about an application can only be raised by a third party on behalf on an applicant where the applicant has given consent for the third party to represent them and consent to the University of the Arts London to discuss the case with the third party. 

Further information is available on the Admissions Complaints & Appeals page.