Cape Farewell Expedition

Red Ice by Chris Wainwright from Cape Farewell

Cape Farewell is an artist-led charitable arts organisation based in London that pioneers a cultural response to climate change.

Principal Investigators: Professor Chris Wainwright 1955-2017 (CCW) and Professor Lucy Orta (LCF) have been involved with expeditions to the Antarctic and Peru as part of this ongoing collaboration. 

It works internationally, bringing artists, scientists and communicators together to stimulate the production of art informed by firsthand expeditions to the frontline of climate change and by providing access to scientific research projects. Using creativity to innovate, they engage artists for their ability to evolve and amplify a creative language, communicating on a human scale the urgency of the global need to address climate challenge.

CCW Graduate School

The CCW Graduate School has been working in partnership with Cape Farewell for a number of years to ask the best of our combined creative minds to respond to the complex and pressing issues of climate change and to build a vision for a sustainable future and in so doing, promote the vital role cultural practice, debate and dialogue plays in this process.

The CCW Graduate School has also identified climate change and environment as one of its key thematic interests which is reflected annually in a common programme of talks, events and cross-disciplinary projects.

In 2011/12 one of our shared projects has been SHORTCOURSE/UK, created together by CCW, Cape Farewell, Liverpool John Moore’s University and The University College Falmouth, which considered the role of emerging artists and art students in designing and communicating a cultural shift towards ecological thinking and environment.

SHORTCOURSE/UK will continue in 2012/13 in a revised format with similar levels of collaboration and engagement with local issues. It will continue to offer students a series of short, local, rural and urban expeditions framed around issues of ecology and environment and which brings them into dialogue with scientists and leading scientific research to provide an opportunity for cross-disciplinary learning and to stimulate a creative response.

During 2009/10 CCW along with The Academy of Applied Arts, Vienna and Columbia College, Chicago, supported and contributed to the Cape Farewell touring exhibition U-n-f-o-l-d. This exhibition, co-curated by Professor Chris Wainwright, Head of CCW, continues to be shown worldwide.


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Lucy Orta

Professor Lucy Orta (London College of Fashion) and Jorge Orta were invited by Cape Farewell to participate in the first expedition to the Peruvian Andes with a group of international artists and scientists.

The research conducted by Lucy + Jorge was central to their solo exhibition 'Amazonia' at the Natural History Museum London in autumn 2010. 

Artists Adriane Colburn, Daro Montag, Lucy and Jorge Orta, Novelist Yann Martel, Photographer Ana Ceclia Gonzales Vigil, Designer Marije De Haas, Sound Artist Brenndan McGuire, Animator Anthony Santoro, Cameraman Matt Wainwright and Climate Science Communicator Rhian Salmon will explore the impacts of climate change in the Andean Mountains with Scientists Prof Yadvinder Malhi, Dr Joshua Fisher, and Kathryn Clark from Oxford University, to respond to and inspire a sustainable cultural vision to the potentially devastating climate reality.

From February to March 2007, an expedition to Antarctica resulted in various pieces. Travelling from Buenos Aires, Lucy + Jorge Orta created the ephemeral artwork 'Antarctic Village - No Borders', which took place during the Austral summer, coinciding with the last of the scientific expeditions before the winter months and the ice mass became too thick to traverse. 

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