Patronage, Artisan, Media, Audience

A model for twenty-first century craftsmanship

Principal Investigator: Dai Rees

College: London College of Fashion

Dai Rees's 'Patronage, Artisan, Media and Audience' took the relationship between the Renaissance Artisan/Craftsman and patron as a model to create a body of work for evaluation in a gallery environment. Through research of historical typography and acquisition of the skills of acid etching, marquetry and illumination, Dai developed new technical methods to inlay various materials into the surface of hand-moulded, tanned, leather hide.

Through research and practice, Dai produced objects that express the positive links between historical and contemporary techniques, and establish a new model for the relationships between the 21st century artisan/craftsman, patronage and audience.

The work has since been exhibited in Carapace, an exhibition curated by Judith Clark in 2006.

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